Know How Cannabis Can Help Your Medical Condition

CannaBot™ can answer your questions about your medical condition and help you learn more about how Medical Cannabis and CBD can help you. It gives you all the information there is to know about the uses of different medical cannabis and CBD.

Physicians and Dispensaries

Introducing CannaBot™ - an AI Powered Medical Cannabis and CBD Bot that can handle queries from your patients in real time. Provide your patients with a High Touch approach.
CannaBot™ can talk to the patients and help them with their medical conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

Providing real time support to patients through AI technology!


CannaBot™ is able to speak directly to your patients


Empower the Medical Cannabis/CBD patients with the CannaBot™!

Increase Reach

You can reach more patients without increasing staff


CannaBot™ will interact with your patients to understand their medical conditions

Always Available

CannaBot™ is always available for patients 24 x 7 x 365

Customers of the CannaBot™

  • Clinical study participants-Enables real-time qualitive data
  • Patients that purchase products
Medical Cannabis Physicians
  • Patients that are seen by the Medical Cannabis Physicians
Universities with Medical Cannabis programs
  • Can assist the professor and students
Patient Advocacy firms
  • Share with patients as part of their services
Clinical Research Organizations
  • Share with patients on clinical studies
CBD Companies


  • Patients new to Medical Cannabis/CBD often do not receive necessary tools to navigate their illness.
  • Stigma still exists. Most traditional physicians do not support Medical Cannabis/CBD. Limited amounts of education is available.
  • Emerging Medical Cannabis/CBD Market represent new forms of medicine limited by inconsistent dosage & outcome. Instructions are not always clear
  • Medical Cannabis/CBD Staff – receive many calls from patients unsure of medicine, application, side effects, etc.
  • CannaBot™ Solution

  • Continuously builds AI Knowledge Base.
  • Speaks to patients in Real-Time answering their questions in educational & empathic manner.
  • Provides metrics on FAQs to subscribers.
  • Reduces staff time, while still providing an Escalation Tier when CannaBot™ cannot answer the question or if patient is having a serious adverse event.
  • Available 24 x 7 for Patients
  • Available on Alexa, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant (soon)
  • Our Team

    We are committed to making a difference in the care of your health and will strive to do better together.

    Christina DiArcangelo

    Chief Executive Officer

    Biotech,Pharma,CRO Executive Affinity Bio Partners,Speaker,Patient Advocate Affinity Patient Advocacy,Board President,MCAB Co-Founder,AI Health Outcomes,Entrepreneur.

    Neeraj Haathi

    Chief Technology Officer

    Changing Healthcare for the Better!.

    • “We are very excited to have launched AI Health Outcomes which will compete in the artificial intelligence technology landscape. It is imperative that patients have access to reliable information and having interactive tools for them to utilize. AI Health Outcomes will be the leading AI Technology company.”

      Christina DiArcangelo

    • “True to its name AI Health Outcomes will bring positive outcomes for the health of the patients using Artificial Intelligence. We believe a lot can be done in Healthcare IT with the utilization of AI and CannaBot™ is a big step in that direction."

      Neeraj Haathi

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